How to Donate:
To donate your new or gently-used iPod, please mail it to Music & Memory in a padded envelope or
small box using this pre-paid postage label:
Download Pre-Paid Postage Label Here.
Please Note: Pre-paid postage label is only for use in the United States—do not use outside of U.S.

For iPod Donations from Canada
Ship to:

Music & Memory
160 First Street
PO Box 590, Mineola, NY, 11501

For iPod Donations from Australia/New Zealand
Ship to:
Simply Music
P.O. Box 2006,
Mountain Gate, VIC. 3156

Shipping Instructions:
1. Deactivate iPod(s) and turn off power.
2. Place iPod and charger cord in the smallest envelope or box possible with adequate padding.
Keep the earbuds. Music & Memory will supply residents with headphones.
3. Seal the package, affix with the provided pre-paid postage label and drop in the mail.



Questions? Please contact us at:

Music & Memory